Monday, April 07, 2008

Storytelling in Organisations and Positive Deviance

The second session I attended was a small group discussion around using Storytelling in Organisations. Telling stories can help with coaching, it can support change processes, and it can touch, move, inspire and lead people. Storytelling is being used as medium for training staff, mostly managers and leaders, on how to speak effectively and on strengthening their presentation skills and engaging audiences. It's also being used in education to capture a whole set of anecdotes and mini-case studies to enable a language to be generated amongst the school staff - a repertoire of life anecdotes that can be drawn on when needed in presentations. One interesting discussion led to talking about using the Positive Deviance model an action-oriented community development approach introduced by Jerry Sternin to capture success stories. You'll find more information on what positive deviance is on Wikipedia. A good site to refer to is Storytelling in Organisations which has some good resources, stories and anecdotes, and where you can join a Special Interest Group and share resources, ideas and experiences on organisational storytelling or what's sometimes also called narrative leadership.

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