Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Running a Storytelling Workshop

We bring all our life to running events: workshops, seminar, meetings, group discussions. Facilitating groups is an activity which involves being highly in the present and bringing all our past and present together. Storytelling is an imaginative process. Getting people to tell a story can be a scary process for them. It's important to create a safe learning space, in order to build confidence so that participants are able to tell. Programs and agendas can be a diversion in workshops, as can set times given to each session. Work with groups of people and their objectives (not the facilitator's objectives). Work with soul time and not clock time. One can have a plan, but not a rhythm. Rhythm comes with the participants input and group dynamic. This workshop was run by Michael White, a facilitator, storyteller and a communications skills advisor with 25 years experience. I enjoyed the calm and engaging way he facilitated this workshop.

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